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As part of the continued expansion of Moughal Chartered Certified Accountants, Moughal Solutions Limited was formed to offer clients specialist assistance on VAT, payroll, bookkeeping and management accounting matters.


As accounting practioners, we provide both manual and computerised book-keeping services, to all sizes of business. This book-keeping can be provided at client premises or fully outsourced from our own offices.

The precise book-keeping services provided will depend upon your specific requirements, but will typically include:

* Maintaining accurate and complete Nominal, Sales and Purchase Ledgers,
* Reconciling your bank accounts,
* Preparing VAT Returns,
* Providing you with the reports that you require to run the business, which will typically include Aged Debtors Listings, Aged Creditors Listings and Management Accounts.

As well as ongoing book-keeping services, we can also provide short term assistance, either to cover absences in your own staffing, or whilst the business is too small to justify employing full time accounts staff.

Book-keeping is time consuming and parts of it can be technically difficult on some computerised systems. In addition, there is often not enough volume to justify a full time in-house employee. Instructing us to provide this service means that you can worry about other, more productive, parts of your business. This form of outsourcing should also introduce efficiencies which should keep accountancy fees down for year end statutory work.

Practical Examples of our Book-keeping Expertise

  • Providing book-keeping services prior to preparing statutory accounts.
  • Advising on how long to keep business records under law.
  • Structuring your affairs so as to delay payment of VAT to HM Customs & Excise.