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Moughal Professional Fee Protection Services

Moughal Professional Fee Protection Services  was formed to provide insurance cover for clients in the event of their financial affairs being subjected to a HM Revenue and Excise or Inland Revenue investigation.

There are two popular myths held by taxpayers.

The first is that providing your accounts and tax returns are in order, you will not be investigated and second, that only fraudulent or guilty individuals and businesses are investigated.
The fact is that every individual and business is at risk of being investigated. The reason for carrying out an investigation does not have to be given. Many taxpayers who are investigated are chosen at random. This means that no person or business is safe from the prying eyes of the Inland Revenue or Customs and Excise. It is down to the taxpayer being investigated to prove their innocence. In most cases the taxpayer's accountants will be called upon to assist in dealing with the authorities. However, whether innocent or guilty, the accountant's expertise, time and effort can become costly.
The insurance offered by Moughal Professional Fee Protection Services , is placed with market leaders Professional Fee Protection Limited, who provide cover up to £75,000 for accountant's fees incurred during an investigation. The premiums are not excessive and provide exceptional value for money.

If you would like further information or wish to receive an application form detailing the premiums, please contact imtiaz on 08700 277 069 or email m.imtiaz@moughalca.co.uk